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 (Adam Carroll spoke at THS through the financial literacy program. Very unique and complete resource)

Free Scholarship Searches: A page full of scholarship search resources:  http://www.college-scholarships.com/free_scholarship_searches.htm





2014-15 Scholarship Information

Local, State, National Scholarship Database

This database is a working document and will be updated as the scholarships come into the counseling office.  Please click on the above database frequently to see any updates made to the list.  The Database is sorted by the due date of the scholarship.  This should be utilized frequently by seniors and parents since it has the most up to date information.







Scholarships will no longer be updated below.  Instead look up and click on the Local, State, National Database.  It will be updated when new scholarships are sent to the counseling center office.  Please contact Ms. Laughlin if you have any questions.

Name of Scholarship Deadline Date Brief Description/Information



Keep Iowa Beautiful





Wendy's High School Heisman    



Eli Namen Scholarship (Posted 5.14.2014)

January 9, 2015





October 3, 2014





Enrolling in an Iowa College or University and interests in community, sociology or environmental science are encouraged to apply.  For more information:  http://bit.ly/1w8AMPE 


Recognition for Student Athletes.  For more information:  WendysHeisman.com



Complete the application and then tak an examination on June 28 at the CB Public Library..  For more information: Click Here.


Alice Graham Scholarship (Posted 5.14.2014) 6/24/2014 Complete the application then an examination to be taken on June 28 at the CB Public Library.  For more information: Click Here.



Reynold C. Hentges Memorial Scholarship 6/30/2014 The application can be found at that web site. The scholarship is $500 given half in the fall and half in the spring. www.iowaiaaichapter.org




Association of Information Technology Professionals Scholarship (posted 3.18.2014) 5/1/2014 For students going to 4 year or 2 year colleges and entering a program in information systems, information technology, computer science, or related field.  For more information Click Here.


Project 21 Scholarship (posted 3.5.2014) 5/25/2014 $10,000 in total scholarship money.  5- $1000 scholarships; 5 - $500 scholarships; 10 - $250 scholarshps.  Involves education young people about the consequences of underage gambling.  For more information Click Here.


Mills-Montgomery County Cattlemen's Assoc. Scholarship (posted 2.28.2014) 4/15/2014 Must be resident of either Milsl or Montgomery Counties.  For more information and application Click Here.


Darryl Jahn Memorial Scholarship (Beta Sigma Psi Lutheran Fraternity) (posted 2.11.2014) 3 scholarship deadlines: 2/21/2014 for 1st round; 4/25/2014 for 2nd round; 7/1/2014 for 3rd round. Applicants must be male and attending Iowa State Univ.  For more info Click Here.


Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Iowa Scholarship (posted 2.11.2014) 3/31/2014 3 $1000 scholarships awarded.  Must have a verified learning disability.  For more info Click Here.


Bright Scholars of Iowa

(posted 2.3.2014)

The Bright Foundation is funding a program where 21 Iowa high school seniors will have full-ride, four year scholarships at any of Iowa's Regents universities - Univ. of Iowa, Iowa State, or UNI.  They are also funding 16 two year scholarships for tuition and books at DMACC or Indian Hills CC, or SWCC.  To find more information go to: brightscholarsofiowa.org.

Some of the qualifications are:

To be eligible for a Bright Scholars of Iowa Award, a student must attend any of the three state universities (Iowa State, Iowa, UNI) or any of these three community colleges (DMACC, Indian Hills or Southwest Iowa), as well as meeting the following criteria:

Current senior attending an Iowa high school
Outstanding academic achievement (top 10% or equivalent of high school graduating class, ACT of 28 and above, or for regent university applicants 299 and higher RAI (Regents Admission Index).
Demonstrate a commitment to learning and community service, as well as success in the face of adversity
Qualify for a Pell Grant as determined by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Maintain full-time enrollment




Leo Grether Memorial Scholarship in Choral Music Education (posted 1.27.2014) 4/15/2014 Must be majoring in music education in college.  $2500 scholarship.  For more information Click Here.


Winter Dance Party Scholarship (posted 1.27.2014) 4/15/2014 Enrolling as a music major in college.  $500 scholarship.  For more information Click Here.


Charlie Burkart Scholarship - Iowa PGA (posted 1.24.2014) 6/13/2014 $1000 scholarship for four years.  For more information and an application Click Here.


Preventing Childhood Obesity Community Scholarships (posted 1.23.2014) 3/14/2014 5 $1000 scholarships are awarded.  Apply online at ChildrensOmaha.org/Scholarships.  For more information Click Here.


Council Bluffs Youth Soccer Assocation Scholarship (posted 1.22.2014) 4/12/2014 For more information and an application Click Here.


ACACIA Leadership Scholarship (posted 1.13.2014) 4/1/2014 Must be attending ISU.  For more information Click Here.



Centris Credit Union Scholarship (posted 12.18.2013) 1.24.2014 Must be a member of Centris Credit Union. For more info: Click Here


Iowa Financial Aid Challenge: Senior Scholarship (Treynor seniors have done this thru Mr. Mantell) May register thru Jan. 31, 2014 20 $1500 scholarships will be given. For more info Click Here


Burger King  Scholarship (Posted 12.13.2013) Jan. 10, 2014 For more info Click Here


Iowa Newspaper Foundation Scholarship (posted 12.12.2013) Feb 14, 2014 9 scholarships offered totaling $7000.  Must be preparing for a newspaper career. Go to www.INAnews.com for more info.



Dale Schroeder Charitable Trust  Scholarship (posted 12.12.2013) March 26, 2014 Must attend either UNI, ISU, Univ of Iowa. For more info  Click Here.



Ruth Quade Ak-Sar-Ben Scholarship for Administrative Office Professionals (posted 12.12.2013) Feb 14, 2014 For more info go to Click Here.



For Juniors: Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award: For juniors only - Design a project to  improve your school or community.  Go to: http://www.hooverassociation.org/grantsawards/uncommon_student.php for more information.



Iowa Automobile Dealers Scholarship (posted 12.9.2013) March 3, 2014 Must be entering an automobile related field. For more information Click Here.


Alegent Creighton Health Scholarship (posted 12.9.2014) Feb 12, 2014 12 $1500 scholarships will be awarded. Pursuing a degree in the health career field. For more information Click Here.


Iowa College Student Aid has produced a 6 page handout of scholarship and grant resources of various types of financial assistance for students.  To access this handout Click Here.


Keep Iowa Beautiful Scholarship (posted 10.24.2013) Jan 10, 2014 5 $1000 scholarships will be given. For more information Click Here.


Christina Hixson Opportunity Award (posted 10.22.2013)





Feb. 1, 2014

Must be attending Iowa State Univ.  For more information Click Here.


Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship (posted 10.22.2013) May 1, 2014 Eligibility criteria: be of the protestant faith, resident  of Iowa, full-time student at the Univ. of Iowa. For application and more information Click Here.


GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship (posted 10.22.2013) Jan 9, 2014 For more information Click Here.


AXA Achievement Scholarship(posted 10.21.2013) Dec. 15, 2013 Scholarships of $10,000 and $25,000.  Go to axa-achievement.com for more information.
AXA Achievement Community Scholarship (posted 10.21.2013) Feb. 1, 2014 Scholarships of $2000 with up to 375 winners nationally. Go to axa-achievement.com for more information.



Iowa West Opportunity Scholarship (posted10.10.2013) April 1, 2014 High school seniors from Pottawattamie County, who are citizens of the United States, and are first generation college students*, are encouraged to apply, with preference given to those who have completed the CAP program. go to www.iowawestfoundation.org for more information.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for an info link.



Big Sun Scholarships (posted 10.10.2013) June 20, 2014

The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.

Go to: www.bigsunathletics.com for more information.



Grand Lodge of Iowa: Masonic Scholarship

(posted 10/1/2013)

Feb. 3, 2014 60 scholarships to be given of $2000 each.  For more information and an application Click Here.


Grand Lodge of Iowa: MCEC Technical Scholarship

(posted 10/1/2013)

March 3, 2014 For a senior going to an Iowa Community College in a mechanical or trade course of study.  For more information and an application Click Here.


US JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship  (posted 9/30/2013) Jan. 11, 2014 For an application and more information, Click Here









Past Scholarhip Resources





ACACIA Leadership Scholarship for Iowa State Univ. (posted 1.18.2013) 4/1/2013 Must be attending ISU.  Not based on financial need.  To see more information and an application Click Here.
Robert D. Blue Scholarship (posted 1.15.2013) 5/10/2013

The Robert D. Blue scholarship is made possible by the Iowa Centennial Memorial Foundation. Any Iowa student who plans to attend an Iowa college or university is eligible for this award. Applicants are expected to demonstrate literary and scholastic ability; exhibit qualities of truth, courage, and fellowship; and display moral force of character.

More information about the Robert D. Blue Scholarship is available at www.rdblue.org.

VEISHEA 2013 Scholarship (ISU) (posted 1.11.2013) 2/17/2013 Go to www.veishea.iastate.edu/scholars
International Assoc. of Admin. Professionals - Ruth Quade CPS Memorial Scholarship (posted 1.11.13) 2/15/2013 For information and application go to www.iaap-aksarben.org
Association of Information Technology Professionals (posted 1.11.13) 3/18/2013 For students intending to pursue an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science or related field.  Information and application go to www.aitpomaha.org
Best Buy Scholarship (posted 1.11.13) 2/15/2013 1,100 scholarships to be given worth $1000 each.  Apply at: http://pr.bby.com
Alegent Creighton Health Scholarship (posted 12.14.2012) Noon, Feb 15, 2013 12 scholarships $1500 each non-renewable.  Min GPA 3.0. Going into a health care field (Dentistry and Veterinary Science excluded). For more information and application Click Here.
Dale Schroeder Scholarship (posted 12.5.2012) March 27, 2013 Min GPA 2.8; live in a community of 1 and 10,000; be attending ISU or UNI or UI.  See more information: Click Here.
Iowa Automobile Dealers Association (posted 12.4.2012) March 1, 2013 To qualify for the scholarship, students must be interested in working in an auto dealership after graduation. Potential career paths include working as a service tech, business manager, marketing specialist, accountant, salesperson, and information technology manager. For more information and an application: www.iada.com
Silver City Library Scholarship (posted 11.29.2012) April 1, 2013 Must be a resident of Mills County and age 16 and over.  $200 scholarship. For more information and an application Click Here.
Grist Mill Fine Arts Council Scholarship (posted 11.26.2012) April 1, 2013 in counseling office Go to www.gristmillfinearts.com for an application and more information.
Burger King Scholarship (posted 11.15.2012) Jan. 10, 2013 Up to $50,000 in scholarship awards to be given away.  For more information Click Here.

Iowa Newspaper Foundation

(posted 11.13.2012)

Feb 15, 2013 Go to www.inanews.com for more information. Or Click Here.

American Legions Scholarships

(posted 11.13.2012)

Many Deadlines An entire online resource with several available scholarships.  Pay attention to critera and deadlines.  For more information go to: www.legion.org/needalift
Iowa Scholarship for the Arts (posted 10.19.2012) February 1, 2013 Scholarship for students who have excelled in music, dance, literature, theatre, traditional arts, or visual arts.  Must be attending an Iowa college or university.  For more information or to apply go to: www.iowaartscouncil.org
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program (posted 10.19.2012) January 10, 2013 Scholarships for 20 college bound students who demonstrate exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship. $10,000 renewable scholarships.  For more information Click Here. Or follow on Facebook
Christina Hixson Opportunity Awards (posted 10.19.2012) February 1, 2013 Financial need, student has faced personal challenges, resident of Iowa, admissable to Iowa State University.  For more information go to: www.dso.iastate.edu/hixson/application
AXA Achievement Scholarship (posted 10.19.2012) December 1, 2012 Go to www.axa-achievement.com for more information and to apply.
AXA Achievement Community Scholarship (posted 10.19.2012) February 1, 2013 375 winners nationwide.  Go to: www.axa-achievement.com for more information and to apply.
Pearl Hull Falk Scholarship (posted 10.19.2012) May 3, 2012 Eligibility requirements: Protestant faith; Iowa resident; attending Univ. of Iowa.  For more information Click Here.
Iowa High School Athletic Directors Association Student-Athlete Scholarship $500 (posted 10.8.2012) Feb. 28, 2013 One boy and one girl to be selected.  Recipients will be asked to attend the IHSADA State Convention on March 24, 2013 at the Coralville Marriott to receive the award.  For more information Click Here. or go to the website: www.niaaa.org/PDF/Scholarship_Application.pdf
International Association of Administrative Professionals (posted 10.3.2012) Postmarked Deadline is February 15, 2013 Must be pursuing a career as an administrative professional. He HS grad and attending college in IA or NE, GPA 3.00.  For more information and application Click Here..  Or go to: www.iaap-aksarben.org.



United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship (posted 10.3.2012) Postmarked Dec. 10, 2012 Multiple $1000 grants given my the US JCI Senate Foundation.  Application and an information letter are available: Click Here.
MCEC Technical Scholarships also known as Mark Earl and Esther Ruth Spencer  Technical Scholarships (posted 10.2.2012) March 1, 2013 For seniors who plan to enroll in a mechanical or trade course of study at a community college in Iowa.  Criteria: academics, communication skills, financial need are all considered.  To download an application Click Here.
Grand Lodge of Iowa - Masonic Scholarship (posted 2.10.2012) Feb. 1, 2013 60 scholarships of $2000 each given last year.  Applicants need not have a Masonic connection. Criteria to be considered: leadership, academics, community service.  To download an application Click Here.






























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