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7th and 8th grade syllabus


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7th & 8th Grade Syllabus 2019-2020


How to be successful in 7th & 8th grade

  • Come to class prepared and ready to work.

  • Show respect to yourselves, your classmates, your teacher, and this building. 

  • Use technology appropriately.  Everything on your Chromebooks will be monitored by the school.  Having this awesome technology to use in class is a privilege. Do not abuse it.  If technology is not being used responsibly, it can be taken.  

  • Have a positive attitude!  We can either make ourselves happy, or make ourselves miserable.  It takes the same amount of effort. 


Late Work Policy

  • Excused absences will be taken into consideration under this policy.

  • Grades will be published by Monday morning. You will have until Friday of that same week to turn in your late work. If it is not turned in, then that assignment becomes a zero.  You cannot make up an assignment once it has become a zero in the gradebook.

  • If you have late work, then the highest grade you can receive is a 70%.


Social Studies

Understanding the world around you and using deductive thinking strategies are lifelong skills that can be challenging work for many people, but are also a crucial part of your continued success in school and beyond.  This class will provide you with the tools and skills you need to be a better student and a more informed global citizen.  

In 7th grade Global Studies, we will learn about people, places, and environments in different regions of the world. Students will review how to use maps and other geographic tools to acquire, process, and synthesize information. In each unit of study, we will examine a region’s characteristics, history, and culture so as to better understand the world in which we live.

In 8th grade United States History, we will cover the time period from early North American Colonial Settlers through the Civil War and Reconstruction.  We will also put an emphasis on how the eras of history we are studying connect to modern day current events.


Grading 7th and 8th grade

Grades will be divided into two categories,  assessment and daily practice. Assessments will be worth 60% of the class grade and Daily Practice will be worth 40%.  There will be some assigned projects that will be graded as assessments.

Remember, I am here to help you through this school year.  I believe that you will achieve amazing things. I am usually available before school, after school or 5th hour if you need to make an appointment to receive help on any of your assignments.