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8th Grade Lessons/Homework


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Items to keep for Westward Expansion Unit

I see...I wonder


Manifest Destiny reading annotated

American Progress

Lewis and Clark Primary Sources 1,2 and 3 with Questions

Creek Wars Questions

Indian Removal Stations worksheet


Week of February 24

Monday- Creek Wars Readings and Questions

Tuesday- Discuss Creek Wars

Wednesday- Indian Removal Stations

Thursday- Finish Indian Removal Stations

Friday- Arguments for and against Indian Removal

Week of February 17

Monday- Finish Primary Documents Lewis and Clark

Tuesday- What perspective is missing?

Wednesday- Native American Perspective

Thursday- Did Lewis and Clark fulfill their duties as given by President Jefferson?

Friday- Affinity mapping

Week of February 10

Monday- TQF Manifest destiny- read and annotate article on Manifest Destiny for tomorrow

Tuesday- Manifest Destiny

Wednesday- Louisiana Purchase

Thursday- Louis and Clark

Friday- Lewis and Clark

Week of February 3

Monday- Designing supporting questions for new unit compelling question "Was it destiny to move west?"

Tuesday- finish with supporting questions

Wednesday- Map showing westward expansion

Thursday- Map showing westward expansion

Friday- Finish map and questions

Week of January 27

Monday- Finish Political party notes...origins of modern day political parties in the United States

Tuesday- Domestic and Foreign policy of the new United States

Wednesday- Domestic and Foreign policy of the new United States

Thursday- Domestic and Foreign policy of the new United States

Friday- Domestic and Foreign policy of the New United States

Week of January 20

Monday- No school

Tuesday- Start notes political parties

Wednesday- Finish notes political parties

Thursday- Activity Political parties

Friday- The New Nation

Week of January 13

Monday- Work on Presidential Timeline

Tuesday- Work on Presidential Timeline

Wednesday-no class finals schedule

Thursday- Finish Presidential Timeline


Week of January 6

Monday- The Presidents

Tuesday- The Presidents

Wednesday- The Presidents

Thursday- The Presidents

Friday- Presidents Crossword Due

Items To Keep Constitution Unit

Vocabulary (digital)

Snapshot annotated

Questions Snapshot

Analyzing the Articles of Confederation

Constitutional Convention Reading annotated

Story Board Constitutional Convention

Federalism crossword

Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Notes Checks and Balances

Week of December 15

Monday- Study guide for test Thursday, political ideology

Tuesday- Federalist vs. Antifederalist political cartoons

Wednesday- Finish political cartoons

Thursday- TEST the Constitution Unit

Friday- Turn in units and projects for Constitution Unit

Week of December 8

Monday- Constitution scavenger hunt- discuss projects for Constitution Unit

Tuesday- Preamble goals

Wednesday- Preamble activity CNN

Thursday- Checks and Balances, What Amendment am I?

Friday-  Federalist vs. Antifederalist, What Amendment am I?


Week of December 2

Monday- Constitution vocab and historical snapshot reading

Tuesday- Articles of Confederation weaknesses

Wednesday- work day

Thursday- Constitutional Convention

Friday- Federalism


Items To Keep Road to the Revolution Unit

French and Indian War perspectives worksheet

Primary source analysis (blue sheet)

Website evaluation worksheet

Chart-events that led up to the Revolutionary War- digital

Booklet Loyalist, Patriot, Neutralist

Reading- Loyalist, Patriot, Neutralist, backside cause and effect

Quotes- Loyalist, Patriot, Neutralist

Boston Massacre background for paragraph...stapled sheet

Boston Massacre picture analysis

Declaration of Independence Key Ideas...task cards worksheet

Declaration of Independence parts 1-4 in your own words

Battle research notes

Notes on Presentations Battle of the Battlefields


Week of November 18

Monday- Research and prepare presentation for Battle of the Battlegrounds

             Look at study guide for test

Tuesday- Battle of the Battlegrounds group presentation

Wednesday- Class informal debate of the most important battle of the American Revolution

Thursday- Test Road to the Revolution

Friday- Turn in units and projects Road to the Revolution

           Project Presentations


Week of November 11

Monday-Boston Massacre paragraph due

            Declaration of Independence part 1, whole class

Tuesday- Declaration of Independence part 2, groups of 4

Wednesday- Declaration of Independence part 3, partners....assign Part 4 on your own due Friday

Thursday- BRAG- Battles of the American Revolution

Friday- Declaration of Independence Due

           Research for BRAG-Battles Research Analysis Group

Week of November 4

Monday- Work day, introduce projects for unit, Quotes due tomorrow at beginning of period

Tuesday- Boston Massacre

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- Common Sense

Friday- Second Continental Congress

Week of October 28

Monday- Students teach about their event that led up to the Revolutionary War

Tuesday- Loyalists, Patriots, Neutralists...Quotes worksheet due Monday

Wednesday- Finish teaching about event...start cause and effect worksheet

Thursday- Finish cause and effect worksheet and quotes worksheet



Week of October 21

Monday- Work on French and Indian War perspectives

Tuesday- Work on French and Indian War perspectives

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- French and Indian War perspectives due

                Patriots, Loyalists, Neutralists

Friday- Notes Road to the Revolution


Week of October 14

Monday- prepare for Socratic Smackdown

Tuesday- Socratic Smackdown

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- Test 13 colonies, all unit work due

Friday- Road to the Revloution

Week of October 7

Monday- Notes 13 colonies to help complete comparison chart

Tuesday- Early colonial governments- MCME notes and worksheet

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- The Great Awakening background

Friday- The Great Awakening primary source documents

Week of September 30

Monday- work day 13 colonies chart and vocabulary

Tuesday- Mapping the 13 colonies

Wednesday- Current Events 

Thursday- Secrets of the Dead Jamestown

Friday- Finish Secrets of the Dead Jamestown- lecture/discussion to tie up 13 colonies chart and vocab


Week of September 23

Monday- Anticipation Guide 13 colonies

Tuesday- The lost colony of Roanoke

Wednesday- Finish the lost colony of Roanoke

Thursday- Key terms and notes 13 colonies

Friday- Physical Features test, finish key terms and notes


Items to keep for 13 Colonies Unit

Anticipation Guide

Lost Colony of Roanoke

13 Colonies Chart and Vocab (digital assignment)

Map of the 13 colonies

Secrets of the Dead- Jamestown

MCME notes

MCME worksheet

The Great Awakening reading annotated

Primary or Secondary source for Great Awakening and questions


Week of September 16

Monday- Physical map of the United States, Study guide for Exploration Test, work day

             Map quiz of physical features of the Unites States will be at the end of next week

Tuesday- Columbian Exchange

Wednesday- Columbian Exchange

Thursday- Columbian Exchange

Friday- Age of Exploration Test

          All papers due for the Unit grade....this includes the project if you are choosing to go for the A grade


Week of September 9

Monday- Read and annotate Historical Snapshot Age of Exploration- Questions to go with due at the end of the unit

Tuesday- Introduce project choices for "A" unit grade

              Age of Explorations stations

Wednesday- Finish Age of Exploration stations

Thursday- States and Capitals Quiz, work day after Quiz

Friday- Homecoming activities


Age of Exploration Unit Papers to keep

Historical Snapshot reading

Worksheet Age of Exploration

Explorers Worksheet (from the stations in class)


Week of September 2

Monday- No School Labor Day

Tuesday- My Big Idea- Due Tuesday at the beginning of class

             Worksheet from Friday due today

Wednesday-Big ideas in history notes and graphic organizer

Thursday- Big ideas in history notes and graphic organizer

Friday- Big ideas in history concept matching

We will turn in all work for the Why Study History unit on Monday 9/9

Week of August 26

Monday- All about me..in class assignment

            Syllabus- signature page due Wednesday 8/28

Tuesday- Predicting vocab

Wednesday- Notes...Why Study History?

Thursday- Notes...Why Study History?

                Worksheet...apply notes and knowledge

Friday- Work day...notes, worksheet or study for States and Capitals Quiz that will be around 9/12


Items to keep for Why Study History Unit grade...

Vocab Predictions

Why Study History reading

Why Study History doodle notes

6 reasons to study history notes Mrs. Konz (class Thursday 8/29)

Why Study History? Spectrum

Why Study History reflection/worksheet

Key concepts organizer