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United States History


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Welcome! Understanding the world around you and using deductive thinking strategies are lifelong skills that can be challenging work for many people, but are also a crucial part of your continued success in school and beyond.  This class will provide you with the tools and skills you need to be a better student and a more informed global citizen. Remember, I am here to help you through this school year. I believe that you will achieve amazing things and I am excited to get started! 


During the span of our time together we will cover everything from early North American Colonial Settlers through the Civil War and Reconstruction.  We will also put an emphasis on how the eras of history we are studying connect to modern day current events.

Keys to Success: 

  1. Come to class prepared and ready to work.

  2. Show respect to yourselves, your classmates, your teacher and this building. 

  3. Use technology appropriately.  Everything on your Chromebooks will be monitored by the school.  Having this awesome technology to use in class is a privilege. Do not abuse it.  Phones need to be put away during class. If technology is not being used responsibly, it can be taken.  

  4. Know when to talk and when to listen.  We will spend a lot of class time having discussion about the materials we will cover.  During these discussions, you will use respectful language and listening skills. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  Make sure you are giving constructive criticism!

Have a positive attitude!  We can either make ourselves happy, or make ourselves miserable.  It takes the same amount of effort.