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Mr. Beller's Classroom Page

7th/8th Grade English Language Arts


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Grading Breakdown:

  • 40% Daily work (journal entries, assignments, participation)
  • 60% Assessments (essays, projects, presentations)

Class Expectations/Policies:

  • Students are to be seated, silent, and writing in their journal when the bell rings. If they have any unnecessary materials out and/or talking when the bell rings, they will be counted tardy. 
  • Late work will be accepted up to one week after the due date of the assignment. After that, it will become a permanent zero.*
  • Any student caught using their Chromebook for something unrelated to class will have it immediately confiscated. 
  • If a student were to have their Chromebook confiscated, they will be expected to hand write every assignment and their next essay legibly, regardless of when they attain their chromebook again. 



*Exceptions will be made for those missing class altogether due to illness, emergency, or appointment. 

  Email: kbeller@treynorcardinals.org  

“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.”

― Jodi Picoult