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7th Grade Lessons/Homework


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Week of March 2

Monday- Current Events Monday Is it News?

Tuesday- Globalization, What a T-Shirt reveals

Wednesday- East/Southeast Asia Map Quiz

Thursday- Globalization, What a T-Shirt reveals

Friday- Open Door Mission

Week of February 24

Monday- Current Event Monday..Article and Flipgrid due Monday March 2

Tuesday- Geography of my Stuff due

Wednesday- Globalization Vocabulary

Thursday- What's Happening in the Picture?

               Finish vocab...True/False worksheet due Friday February 28

Friday- What is Globalization?

Week of February 17

Monday- East and Southeast Asia Map tool for test in 2 weeks

Tuesday- Economic Island work time

Wednesday- What's Happening in this picture

                   Assign Geography of my stuff...Due Next Tuesday 2/25

Thursday- Economic Island work time

Friday- Economic Island work time....due at the end of the hour

Week of February 10

Monday- Current Event due today.  What is fair?

Tuesday- discuss Newsela article review for test

Wednesday- Test Government and Economic Systems

Thursday-Economic Island

Friday- Economic Island

Week of February 3

Monday- Current Events Monday- paper current event and flipgrid due Monday February 10

Tuesday- Graphic Organizer (in class) government and the economy

Wednesday- What is happening in this picture?

Thursday- Notes Economic types and systems-homework to reinforce notes due Friday

Friday- Newsela Article and questions. Due Tuesday 2/11

Week of January 27

Monday- Current Events Monday What is News?  Questions due Monday 2/3

Tuesday- Who Rules?  True/false and crossword due

Wednesday- Who Rules?

Thursday- Quiz Government types

Friday- Economic Systems

Week of January 20

Monday- No School

Tuesday- Current Events Monday on a Tuesday....Due Monday 1/27

Wednesday- What is happening in this picture?  Work on Current Event

Thursday- Who Rules?  Read and annotate

Friday- Scenarios and questions government types- Quiz Government types next Tuesday

Week of January 13

Monday- work time Peace Accord

Tuesday- work time Peace Accord

Wednesday- work time Peace Accord/ Presentations to the United Nations

Thursday- No class- Semester testing schedule

Friday- No School


Week of January 6

Monday- Background information Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Tuesday-Background information Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Wednesday-Background information Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Thursday-Background information Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Friday- Start Peace Plan Project

Week of December 15

Monday- What do I know about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict

Tuesday- Primary documents conflict

Wednesday- Venn diagram to compare 




Week of December 8

Monday- finish notes/Venn diagram

Tuesday- Discuss Venn Diagram

Wednesday-  What is Happening in this Picture?

Thursday- Middle East Map Quiz, Difference between patriotism and nationalism

Friday- Flags and Nationalism, Apartheid essay retake due

Week of December 2

Monday- Notes Conflict in the Middle East Middle East map for map quiz next week

Tuesday- Go over retake of Apartheid essay- retake due Friday December 13

Wednesday - Snaps conflict of the Middle East

Thursday- World Religions- the big 5

Friday- notes monotheistic religions in the Middle East


Week of November 25

Monday- Movie Cry Freedom

Tuesday- Movie Cry Freedom Essays due


Week of November 18

Monday- Apartheid presentations

Tuesday-finish presentations work on class timeline

Wednesday- Tie up information for Apartheid use time to work on essay

Thursday- Writing day for essay

Friday- Writing day for essay


Week of November 11

Monday- Research Apartheid

Tuesday- Research Apartheid---start group slide presentation

Wednesday- Work on presentation and introduce timeline piece

Thursday- Timeline piece due by end of hour

Friday- Finish Presentations/practice....hang timeline


Week of November 4

Monday- Definition of Apartheid, develop supporting questions for the big question "What ended Apartheid?"

Tuesday- Go over the History of South Africa, choose a supporting question you want to research

Wednesday- What is happening in this picture?  Current Events

Thursday- Research your supporting question

Friday- Research supporting question

Week of October 28

Monday- Decolonization of Africa notes

Tuesday- Finish notes Decolonization

Wednesday- Start Apartheid

Thursday- Southern Africa countries map quiz



Week of October 21

Monday- WebQuest colonization and Factors of Production

Tuesday- go over WebQuest and assign Factors of Production collage

Wednesday- Current Events, What's going on in this picture?

Thursday- Work on Factors of Production collage

Friday- Finish Factors of Production collage/present

Week of October 14

Monday- Scramble for Africa

Tuesday-Finish Scramble for Africa- Southern African countries map- Test at the end of next week or the beginning of the next

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- Berlin conference

Friday- Colonization Map


Week of October 7

Monday- Questions using primary and secondary sources...Mansa Musa

Tuesday- Trans- Saharan Trade routes map

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- Paragraph writing relating 5 themes to Western African Kingdoms

Friday- Map Test Northern Africa countries- Finish paragraphs


Week of September 30

Monday- Go over test...time to "fix" certain questions

Tuesday- Primary and secondary sources

Wednesday- Current Events

Thursday- Physical geography of Africa

Friday- Physical geography of Africa

Northern Africa Map Quiz next Thursday or Friday


Week of September 23

Monday- Finish Factors that affect climate notes

Tuesday- Imaginary Continent review

Wednesday- Review game

Thursday- Test Intro to Geography Unit

Friday- Current Events


Week of September 16

Monday- Review 5 themes of geography, latitude and longitude, map projections and map types

Tuesday- Climate and latitude

Wednesday-Climate and latitude

Thursday- Factors that affect climate

Friday- Factors that affect climate, study guide for test next Tuesday


Week of September 9

Monday- Mega City

Tuesday- Latitude and Longitude

Wednesday- Crack the Code...

Thursday- Climate and Latitude notes

Friday - Homecoming activities


Week of September 2

Monday- No School Labor Day

Tuesday- review 5 themes and Oceans and Continents

Wednesday- Oceans and Continents Quiz

Thursday- Maps and map projections

Friday- Maps and map projections letter due Monday 9/9

If students want to retake their Oceans and Continents Quiz, please make arrangements with me to have the retake complete by the end of the day Wednesday 9/11


Week of August 26

Monday- All about me...completed in class 

            Syllabus..signature page due Wednesday 8/28

Tuesday- What is Social Studies Pretest

            Oceans and Continents map- Quiz Wednesday 9/4

Wednesday- notes 5 themes of Geography

Thursday- finish notes 5 themes..picture for each theme due Tuesday 9/3

                     Assign Picture Dictionary Due 9/19

Friday- Work day- 5 themes pictures or Picture Dictionary