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Modern Global Studies


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Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies

In 7th grade Global Studies, we will learn about people, places, and environments in different regions of the world. Students will review how to use maps and other geographic tools to acquire, process, and synthesize information. In each unit of study, we will examine a region’s characteristics, history, and culture so as to better understand the world in which we live.

Driving our learning this year will be the following essential questions:

How does the past influence the present?

To what extent does geography and culture influence the way people live and interact with their physical environment?

What causes conflict and how can conflict be managed?

Is your future (job, wealth, happiness) determined at birth?

Will there always have to be people in poverty?

In an era of globalization, should the United States trade with countries that have a history of human rights violations?

Keys to Success: 

  1. Come to class prepared and ready to work.

  2. Show respect to yourselves, your classmates, your teacher and this building. 

  3. Use technology appropriately.  Everything on your Chromebooks will be monitored by the school.  Having this awesome technology to use in class is a privilege. Do not abuse it.  Phones need to be put away during class. If technology is not being used responsibly, it can be taken.  

  4. Know when to talk and when to listen.  We will spend a lot of class time having discussion about the materials we will cover.  During these discussions, you will use respectful language and listening skills. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  Make sure you are giving constructive criticism!

Have a positive attitude!  We can either make ourselves happy, or make ourselves miserable.  It takes the same amount of effort.